About us

We are strong because we are created from values!

We build

the future

Urban Plan Construction (UPC) is a local construction company operating in the market since 1994. The company was initially founded as Shaza Komerc, and in 2002 it was known as Shaza Trans. The company achieved its biggest transformation in 2010 when it was named Urban Plan Construction.
The company was initially founded with slow, but confident steps. The founders of the company were the Shasivari brothers, who always had their parents’ support. Investment in quality work and the focus on achieving customers’ goals enabled the company to gain market confidence and value growth. As a result, the company expanded and became a strong competitor in the construction market.
This success continues from year to year as it is evidenced by contract signings and execution of important projects in both public and private sectors.


We not only affect the quality of your life, but we also build our company, so, as a company we have decided to have a vision; our buildings provide accommodation to future generations.


Reaching the top of the market was once the dream of the company, but today it is a mission that we are implementing it step by step. Our work shows that we are very close to it and soon, with merit, we will be identified as the leading company in the construction market.


UPC knew from the beginning that the company will achieve its values based on the quality of its work and management, and therefore, the structure organization and loyalty we create with our clients are our core values.

Today, Urban Plan Construction operates with a capacity of sixty workers and thirty machines. A factory, for the production of building materials, such as concrete, stone crusher plant, as well as two hydroelectric power plants also operate within the company.
Throughout these years we have committed ourselves to our clients’ demands by providing high quality and high standards. The key to our success lies in quality, safe and reliable services to build your future.