Company foundation


Our company was founded in 1994 as Shaza Komerc, and in 2002 it was renamed to Shaza Trans, and since 2010 it is known as Urban Plan Construction which operates to this day.


The name Shaza Komerc derives from the owner’s surname ‘Shasivari’. Depending on the business type, another name was added to the company, such as Komerc, Trans, etc. The name Urban Plan Construction came as a need for market expansion and easier adaptation. The name says that everything is built with a plan.


It is designed based on the concept of construction. It presents the silhouette of some of the constructed buildings, while the UPC abbreviation is the name abbreviation that is well known in the market.


We Build the Future – For several years now, our company has been emphasizing the value of its clients through this slogan. Our duty is to provide the best for our clients. We build the future that you desire, and that is considered our success.